Mega Energy Has the Best Customer Satisfaction Record Among All Texas REP’s

by Donny on August 27, 2009

Electricity Rates in Houston TexasClick here to see 2010 JD Power Associates Winner for Texas Retail Electricity Providers

Mega Energy currently holds the least amount of complaints among all retail electricity providers in Texas. We check the PUCT and Power To Choose website to find REP’s we wish to work with that offer straight forward electricity rates and pricing. Mega Energy is a clear complaint free company when comparing them against multiple other electricity providers in Texas that have multiple complaints against them in regards to electricity price, customer service, and other issues. Mega Energy shows the lowest complaint score among all REP’s operating in Texas according to the Power To Choose state run website. A few months ago we noticed that Mega had accidentally listed a small commercial terms of service sheet on Power To Choose instead of their residential terms of service and had assumed since it was linked to their residential electricity rate it was a TOS for their residential electricity rate.

We asked the PUCT and Mega Energy for clarification and were told that it was inadvertently put on their residential rate quote on the Power to Choose site. After Mega made the clarification and replaced the commercial TOS with their residential terms of service the electricity rate made sense and nothing looked disagreeable about their electricity rate. In fact Mega Energy currently offers competitive residential electricity rates and has the lowest complaint record in the Texas retail electricity market at this time according to the Power to Choose scorecard.

We would like to take this time to recommend Mega Energy as a quality Texas electricity company and affordable electric service company based on information we have researched on the Power to Choose website. We believe based on past customer satisfaction with Mega Energy that you will be happy when switching to this electricity company.

As of August 27 2009 Mega Energy currently offers a 10.7 cent per kWh 12 month fixed electricity rate in the Dallas and North North East area of Texas. Mega Energy is offering a rate of 10.6 cents per kWh for a 12 month fixed electricity rate in the Houston Texas area. You can sign up with Mega at and learn more about other electricity rate plans they have to offer. You may also compare Mega Energy with several other residential electricity companies in the Houston area by visiting compare Houston electricity rates.

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