Reliant Energy Houston

Click here for a comparison of cheaper electric rates compared to Reliant Energy

If you are a Reliant Energy Houston customer and are thinking about switching to a different electric company like TXU Energy or several of the other reputable Houston electric companies then there are a few things you need to know first.

  • Some Houston electric providers will charge a fuel surcharge in addition to the fixed electric rate they advertise. This can be deceptive when you believe the electricity rate you chose is a fixed energy price. Reliant Energy Houston does not have a fuel surcharge in their fixed residential electric rates so you can be safe when choosing a fixed rate with Reliant.
  • A provider like Reliant Energy is a large well known brand and a reputable electricity company but their energy rates are not cheap. There are several cheaper electric companies in Houston that are considered safe and reputable and can deliver electricity at a much cheaper rate. You can compare cheap Houston Electricity companies by clicking here.
  • A few Houston electric companies will advertise an “energy only” rate but will leave off the TDSP charges from the residential energy price they advertise. Since most Houston electricity providers do not participate in this practice you may sign up thinking your rate is several cents cheaper then Reliant Energy Houston and other energy providers when in reality the rate is a few cents per kWh higher.
  • Some Houston energy companies will offer a very cheap variable electric rate with no price ceiling. When energy fuel prices go up the rate can literally take off like it did the summer of 2008 when energy consumers were paying as high as 31 cents a kWh with some Houston electric providers that offered a variable electric rate with no price ceiling. There is only one electric company in Houston we know of that has an electricity rate with a price ceiling but no floor and their name is Bounce Energy. What this means is, if fuel prices continue to go down then this Houston energy company will continue to lower their variable electric rate. You can learn more about Bounce Energy by clicking here. Bounce specializes in quick electric service move in’s, switches and unique Houston electricity plans based on your situation.

As we have stated above you may find that Reliant Energy Houston is a large reputable electric company but there are many other good energy providers in Houston with much cheaper electric rates, terms and prices. Reliant Energy was recently bought out by NRG Energy out of New Jersey in 2009 and if you thought you hadn’t switched electricity providers you were switched in 2009 whether you knew about it or not. We recommend giving your business to the local Texas economy and not a New Jersey based electricity company. We have several cheap electric companies like Startex Power and Bounce Energy that offer cheap electric rates and are based right here in Texas.

You can compare these Houston electricity providers in the chart above with Reliant Energy Houston to see just how much cheaper in price they are compared next to the big guys. Although Reliant Energy electricity prices are given from an established brand there are several smaller Houston electric providers run ethically and soundly and offer electricity service at a much cheaper rate.

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