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Comparing Sugar Land Texas Electric Rates

This page compares discount electric rates from several Sugar Land Texas electric providers offering cheap electricity prices for several different fixed rate terms. A fixed electric rate is the best option for most residential homes and apartments because you are able to lock in the price per kWh for a designated time period. This type of electricity rate is like insurance so you do not have to worry about the price of electricity skyrocketing in a really hot summer or very cold winter.

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For some people they just want a no nonsense variable Sugar Land Texas electricity rate without a commitment so they can leave at anytime if they are not satisfied with the Sugar Land electric provider. In a situation like this you may also be staying at an apartment or home for 6 months or less. Sometimes a variable electric rate with no term commitment is the right choice in this type of situation.


Top 4 Things to Watch out For

When choosing a Sugar Land Texas energy price it is important to know about some of the under handed tactics some of the disreputable electric providers in Sugar Land have been known to do.

  1. Only quote the “energy only” part of the rate
  2. Strip out charges from the “energy only” rate and placing them under the TDSP charges to make the rate look better
  3. Selling a variable rate on a typical term reserved for a fixed rate like a 12 month term. (There is no need to commit for a term on an electric rate the provider can change at anytime.)
  4. Not disclosing all fees, and charges, and weird legal jargon in the fine print of the contract.

Houston Electric does not work with electric providers that operate in an unethical or dishonest manner. All charges and fees are disclosed in the comparison electric rate chart.

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